My experience of forest yoga

I jumped into my car and decided to drive with my loving partner to our local nature reserve. Sence valley use to be an open coal mine, years back, but is now a beautiful area of forest, meadows and lakes. we walked around looking for the best lighting, the softest ground and the most stable tree! walking through the forest, all the trees are evergreens, but the forest is so dense the bottoms of the trees are dead. I chose this place for the symmetry, for the perception of closeness from the trees, but my partner had other thoughts on location. “there….dead?” he says, “Yoga is about life, is it not?” A valid point made, yoga is about regeneration of yourself, and understanding you as a person and pushing yourself to do things you may normally find risky.  i did agree with ED, but i did the practice and enjoyed myself, having a tree for support for my headstands felt great, much better than a door, and way better than a wall. I felt grounded, more than i ever have in that forest!

During my practice i felt a cool breeze from being in the shade, as vinyasa can sometimes be a bit hot work. from move to move i enjoyed the connection greatly and after i left the forest i was happy with what i achieved.

i am not a beginner yogi, but i suffer with lack of flexibility and i am a bit overweight at the moment so some poses are difficult for me to achieve, so it was great to have a tree to support my handstands, i felt comfortable in myself.

overall, forest yoga is a yes from me!

do feel free to check out my photos, Instagram “kleeyoga”

comment if you have experience of outdoor yoga, whats your favourite place?






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